Julie Bartocci


Julie Bartocci joined BBA in February 2022. She received her Master of Architecture from City College of New York in 2016. Born and raised in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, Julie has traveled east to find there’s no place like home. She got her Bachelor of Architecture degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago. While studying her undergrad she spent a semester abroad in Hong Kong at Chu Hai College of Higher Education. There Julie was introduced to connections that would lead her to two summer internships abroad in Taiwan. Postgraduate studies, Julie also worked in Japan and New York City.

Julie’s early professional work focused on 3D modeling and design from places of view in a project. This represented itself in physical model making and looking at the design from all views. For these studies, she aims to create spaces that are beautiful inside and out. Julie’s hope is to design homes that encourage sharing and enjoying the time we have with family and friends.

Julie loves spending time with her family, reading books, finding humor from online memes, walking nature trails, and going to art galleries.



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