Brandon Jones

Marketing Assistant

Brandon Jones is the latest member and new marketing assistant at BBA Architects. Born in Queens, but raised in Orlando, Brandon developed his love for the arts, particularly in film and theatre. He moved to Chicago, where he attended and graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts degree in film. 

During his time in college and Chicago, Brandon has had the pleasure of working with a range of notable artists, musicians, filmmakers, brands, and photographers. Knowing that visual content is vital to any successful brand or artist, Brandon became a content creator under his own brand, "Renavision" as a means to both pursue his varying creative interests, as well as work with various clients and businesses.

From filmmaking, to photography, to visual marketing, Brandon is on a never-ending mission to both redefine what it means to be an artist, while telling stories and creating memorable visuals along the way.



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