De-code Electronics In Your Home

created by   on   Oct 05, 2021

Employee Spotlight - Jennifer Hense, AIA

created by   on   Oct 04, 2021

Modern River Cottage

Erica Blawat   on   May 21, 2021

Located along the Chicago River, the home offers urban convenience with an unexpected landscape.

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New Homes on the Boards in 2021

Ed Twohey   on   May 17, 2021

We have a number of wonderful new clients for these projects in the process of becoming homes.

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Building a Traditional Jewel Box

Gary Beyerl   on   Mar 12, 2020

bba turned a dream to reality with this carefully designed home.

Meet Jack Callahan

Ed Twohey   on   May 16, 2021

Meet our associate architect Jack Callahan, who loves the craft of architecture.

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Indiana Orchard Home

Gary Beyerl   on   Oct 27, 2020

A retired chestnut orchard provides the focus of this rural retreat.

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Creating Outdoor Spaces

created by   on   Apr 06, 2021

BBA’s design process considers the connections between interiors and the surrounding outdoor spaces.

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High Gables

Ed Twohey   on   Dec 07, 2020

Our clients asked for a multi-generational living space with a prominent profile.

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Allison Henry Interiors Alliance

Ed Twohey   on   Nov 22, 2020

Allison Henry has long been a go to resource for us, as well as a valued collaborator on BBA projects over the years.

Tudor Kitchen Renovation

Erica Blawat   on   May 27, 2020

This 1920’s Tudor kitchen remodel is defined by design collaboration, and selections that are not only beautiful but honor the age of the home.

Building Code to undergo a major change this year

created by   on   Aug 31, 2019

BBA principal Ed Twohey AIA has been participating, along with other architects, in one of several working groups to advise the Department of Buildings in drafting the new building code.

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Golf course Home update

created by   on   Sep 17, 2019

Our new luxury residence adjacent to a golf course on the north shore of Chicago, Illinois has wrapped up.

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Renovate or Detonate

Ed Twohey   on   Apr 21, 2020

The renovation conundrum. Keeping an old building has advantages. Is it worth the cost?

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An Excellent Italian Adventure

Ed Twohey, AIA - Principal   on   Nov 29, 2018

in 2018, Partners Ed Twohey and Gary Beyerl spent a week in Europe, largely as the guests of the S. Anselmo Company, manufacturer of brick, tile and roofing.

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Elmhurst Historic Preservation Commission serves the community

created by   on   May 27, 2020

Senior Associate Erica Blawat is engaged in her local community. Currently, she is serving as the architect on the EHPC.

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Pool House

created by   on   Oct 31, 2019

An luxury home is enhanced with a new pool and recreational building, with axial connection to the original architecture.

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Should You Hire an Interior Designer?

Ed Twohey   on   Oct 27, 2020

An interiors consultant has many advantages, and can produce fantastic results.

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North Center Craftsman

Gary Beyerl   on   Mar 09, 2020

Our Craftsman has been delivered to the owners. The exterior detailing shines.

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Raising the Roof

created by   on   Nov 17, 2019

When our client for this addition and renovation job in suburban La Grange first approached BBA principal Tim Kress, they bluntly stated, “Our house is ugly,” and asked, “what can we do to make it look better?”    

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Lincoln Park Transformation

created by   on   Oct 24, 2019

Last year, architects Gary Beyerl and Jack Callahan began working on the Lincoln Park Transformation project.

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North side river home continues to take shape

Ed Twohey   on   Jul 30, 2020

New home has waterfront views and is cohesive in scale and materials with the surrounding neighborhood homes

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Building at the water's edge

Ed Twohey   on   Mar 09, 2020

Building a waterfront home requires thorough consideration. Give your architect a head start.

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Employee Spotlight - Erica Blawat, AIA

created by   on   Sep 12, 2019

Without exception, Erica Blawat understands all the classical principles of architecture, but she’s just as well versed in how architecture can intersect with teaching...

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Urban Deep Dig #1

created by   on   Oct 09, 2019

Overcoming space challenges in 1980's Chicago townhouse where the only place to add space is by going down below.

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Deconstruct & Re-Use

Erica Blawat   on   Apr 21, 2020

Deconstruction is both a comprehensive and an environmentally-friendly alternative to standard demolition.

1880’s Historic Queen Anne

Ed Twohey   on   Apr 06, 2020

The broker reached out to BBA to research the property, and present solutions to entice potential buyers.

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bba Architects Habitat Build Day

created by   on   Nov 07, 2019

The bba team worked on the Habitat sponsored homes being constructed in the West Pullman neighborhood of Chicago.

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Luxury remodel of Lake Geneva vacation home

created by   on   Sep 03, 2019

Lake Geneva Lake House project is complete, join us for a walk-through of this gorgeous property.

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Classicist, No. 16.

Ed Twohey   on   Nov 19, 2019

We are thrilled to see that our Classic Georgian city home has been recognized by the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art, and is featured in the new publication of the Classicist, No. 16.

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Beer Tasting + Design Presentation

Ed Twohey   on   Jan 23, 2020

On a chilly January evening, BBA Architects hosted an engaging event at the Wicker Park Inn. 

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Home in Berlin, Germany Comes to Fruition.

Gary Beyerl   on   Dec 09, 2019

The universal language of math and the graphic imagery have allowed us to communicate on this project in over 4 different languages!

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