Farnaz Sadeghi


Farnaz joined BBA in July 2021. She received her Master of Architecture from the University of Memphis in May 2021. Born and raised in Tehran, Farnaz has a background in Civil Engineering. She got her Bachelor and Master degree in Civil Engineering from IUST and University of Tehran, and has some structural working experience in steel and concrete structures. While studying and working as a Civil/Structural Engineer, she found herself falling in love with Architecture and decided to follow her passion. 

Farnaz is interested in the idea of mindfulness and how Architecture can play a role in creating a mindful experience by engaging all five senses. She loves to explore the effect of form, light, materiality, and connection to nature on sensually engaging people with the environment. Custom residential design is one of her favorite fields of architecture as she loves to explore the ways of creating that healing experience where people spend most of their time.

Farnaz loves traveling and spending time with friends and family. She enjoys photography, painting, music, food, summertime, and just lying in the ocean for hours.