Our Core Values

The guardrails that guide every decision we make.



  • Raise Expectations of Design.
  • Think larger, not just the piece in front of you. How is it a bigger idea?
  • illustrate the possibilities. 
  • Access your opportunities.


  • Accommodate your clients' concerns with your ideas. Collaborate with them.
  • Design within cost expectations, and have integrity to show when you have not.
  • Create space for both creative space & technical construction ideas.
  • Live your life and do not overload. Get exercise, Say something meaningful to your family every day.
  • The parts and systems you design work together and support the larger goal. 


  • Propose and act with purpose. Move to your goal without finding rabbit holes.
  • Do the hard part first. (email about the fee, tell the truth about the budget…etc.)
  • Don’t rush to complete a drawing without thinking about the parts. 
  • Purse a collaborative Process with your team, both inside and outside the office.


  • Trust your experience, training, and abilities. 
  • Be clear about where you lack information, but not resolve. 
  • Proactively address challenges.
  • Turn away work when it does not meet our vision.
  • Control your schedule don’t let it control you.