Lincoln Park Limestone

A new home with a limestone facade has taken shape in Lincoln Park. The bay window features a half round stone base that projects out from the wall plane to create a strong sculptural character. The intricate detail of the stone recalls the finesse of the great homes of the late 19th century. An elliptical arched window on the second floor is followed by a large dormer on the third level projecting through a steeply sloped slate roof. The interior reinforces the building character as the foyer ceiling continues the profile of the arched entry transom. A grand stair hall features an elliptically vaulted ceiling vestibule at the entry at the second floor master bedroom suite. South facing windows at the fourth floor flood the stair hall with natural light.

The house has been curated by Gary Beyerl’s spouse, Dawn Heid, and features a retrospective of her work. Abstract paintings include oils on canvas. Some include found objects, fabric and wax. Paintings of layered white plaster on hard board incorporate everyday objects; wire, nails, and caution flags. The paintings are pigmented with ash, graphite, and pigment.


New house inspired by late 19th century greystones.


Middlefork Luxury


6,830 sf


Nathan Kirkman