Michigan Boathaus

This little structure was built on the shore of an inland Michigan lake, which will be a staging area for all manner of lakefront recreational activities, as well as provide a dynamic dining space on the lake shore. The clients have a main house that is up a significant bluff from the lakeshore, so some amenities at the shore are required if they intend to spend time near the water. The steep roof mimics the roof of the original Tudor style home up the hill, but the style of this little house borrows more from traditional boathouses often found on Michigan lakes. The exposed structure of the roof deck is stained glue lam beams and Douglas fir, evoking the interior of a wooden canoe. The plan is simple, a main room with kitchen cabinetry and a stone fireplace. Behind the cabinets is a small bathroom, changing area and a shower. In the summer, the owners can tether their ski boat to the deck. In the winter, the fireplace will provide a nice warm-up spot for ice skaters and hockey players who populate the frozen surface.


Recreational structure at the water's edge of Reeds Lake, East Grand Rapids MI.


650 sf


J. Peterson Homes of East Grand Rapids, Michigan