City Tower Home

Located in a dense Chicago neighborhood, this contemporary mixed-use building features a 3-story home situated above a 2-story commercial space.  A 40-foot tall brise soleil aligns with the existing continuous building frontage and filters the view from the busy street to the staggered private terraces of the home above.  This feature also holds vertical planting beds, complimenting the integrated green roofs.  A 2-story frosted curtain wall of glass partially surrounds the interior stair and provides natural light throughout the building.  Retractable Nana-walls surround the 3-season spa room on three sides, creating a seamless connection between the interior spaces and the outdoors.  The end result is a unique urban infill structure with dramatic views of the city.


Vertical contemporary home with mixed-use comercial space on the lower two floors.


6,300 sf