English Home Addition

One of the first substantial transformation projects at BBA, the English Home Addition initially started with the intention of simply renovating a kitchen, but it quickly grew in scope. The full project eventually involved renovations throughout much of the house, including the addition of a conservatory and an exercise room, the renovation of the existing pool, and the restoration and expansion of the gardens.

While elements of the home certainly show stylistic preferences of the mid-1990s, the renovation project still represents BBA’s attention to detail and artistry when it comes to single-family homes, including the club-like family room with custom cabinets and an impressive media room displaying Michael Jordan memorabilia. 

This renovation is also an early successful achievement in maintaining architectural integrity while incorporating modern standards. This included integration of advanced technology for the time period— including audio, video, security, and thermostat systems controlled remotely via computer.


Restore english tudor exterior with addition and reconfigured kitchen and family wing.


Aaron Gang


12,800 sf